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We have the experience and skills to undertake any of the following services on your behalf:

Planning Strategy
Planning Appraisals
Appraisal of Land and Development Options
Strategic Land Identification and Assessment
Strategic Planning Promotion
Local Development Framework planning
Planning Applications
Discharge of Planning Conditions
Community Consultation exercises
Planning Appeals
S106 Negotiations
Project Coordination or Management
Sustainability Assessments
Urban Capacity Assessments
Housing Land Assessments
Development Briefs
Listed Building and Conservation Area advice


Due to the complexities of the planning system, even small scale domestic projects can run into difficulties, and home owners can find their applications for an extension or garage conversion blocked by the Local Planning Authority. Discussions with the planning officers are often required to unlock the issues, and it helps to use their planning language. ClearView Planning has worked with many home owners to obtain planning permission for a variety of projects including extensions, garage conversions and single houses. Like all planning projects, the key to success is establishing a clear understanding of the client’s aims and objectives. Any issues that the proposal raises can then be understood prior to application, or resubmission of an application. This will minimise the risk of the application being refused and also reduce the need to spend time negotiating with the Local Planning Authority. ClearView Planning suggests that pre-application advice is sought, to ensure that any minor issues are dealt with prior to submission and that any major issues are identified early, as they could alter the strategy and approach for achieving planning permission. This process can also help identify the need for any additional expertise, for example for matters relating to highways, ecology, noise or historic buildings. ClearView Planning works with a large number of consultants who can assist with such matters. If you have had an application refused and you are not sure what to do next, or you simply need to make sense of the reasons for refusal, please contact us and we will gladly review the issues and advise you on the best way forward for your project.


ClearView Planning is very experienced in dealing with residential developments, whether a single dwelling, a small scale development of 5 or 6 houses or a large scale urban extension. We have carried out this type of work on behalf of a wide variety of clients, including private individuals, local developers, development companies, house builders, registered social landlords and in some cases financial institutions. It is essential that we understand the client’s aspirations for the project and to understand its viability as this will ultimately determine the parameters of the development, for example the numbers of units, affordable housing provision, S106 contributions and size of dwellings being promoted. ClearView Planning would recommend a planning appraisal be undertaken at the beginning of the process to establish the baseline of issues and what planning policy obstacles might exist. This provides the client with a strong basis on which to assess the likely costs in achieving planning permission. Pre-application advice is essential to ensure that any minor issues are dealt with prior to submission and that any major issues are identified which might alter the approach and strategy for achieving planning permission. Obtaining planning permission for residential developments often requires other consultants to be involved, such as architects, landscape architects, ecologists and transport consultants. ClearView Planning has worked closely with such consultants and, working as a multi-disciplinary team, has successfully obtained planning permission, often acting as project manager for the client, coordinating the input of the other consultants into the planning application process. ClearView Planning is well versed in the use of national and local planning policy to maximise the chances of success.


It is important to ensure that the aims and objectives of each project are clear from the outset. ClearView Planning works closely with clients to establish exactly what their ambitions are with regard to their project, leading to a more successful outcome. ClearView Planning is able to assist existing businesses who are seeking to extend their premises or warehouses, working closely with other consultants as part of a multi-disciplinary team. The practice can also advise clients seeking to construct a new commercial building either on its own or as part of a larger commercial site. Often, clients own commercial premises that are no longer fit for purpose or have stood vacant for some time. ClearView Planning can advise on the most appropriate strategy for maximising the value for the client, whether that is through seeking permission for a change of use, or a renovation of the existing premises to bring the building up to modern standards. In some cases it is now possible to change the use of a commercial property to residential without the need for express planning permission although permission is still required for most other aspects, like external changes to the building for example. Also, a number of areas are excluded from the recent changes to the permitted development order. ClearView Planning has experience in dealing with applications for offices, warehouses, larger commercial developments and also changes of use from commercial to residential.